Sunkissed Pasta
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Indulgent and delicious. Brown rice pasta, artichoke hearts, butter beans, cavelo nero kale and fruity kalamata olives dressed in a rich sweet potato and sun-dried tomato sauce. Finished with a sprinkle of our sunflower seed parmesan.

Sweet potato, Brown rice pasta, Water, Unsweetened soya milk, Canellini beans, Butter beans, Olives, Artichokes, Sun-dried tomatoes, Spinach, Cavelo nero, Sunflower seeds, Lemon juice, Balsamic vinegar, Nutritional yeast, Hemp oil, Apple Cider vinegar, Garlic, Sea salt, Dried basil, Dried oregano, Black pepper, Garlic powder.

*Please note, although we use pitted olives, occasionally an olive pip may sneak through. We do our best to check every olive and hope you don't ever find one!*