We work closely with independently owned suppliers who deliver our beautiful fresh vegetables, herbs, spices, pulses and grains early in the morning, whilst you enjoy your beauty sleep.

Each and every item undergoes thorough inspection before they even enter the kitchen to ensure only the highest quality ingredients are used.

Hand full of tomatoes

Then preparation begins: We peel, chop, slice, dice and grate our veg whilst herbs and spices are carefully blended to create our unique marinades, rich sauces and intense flavours that are signature to our dishes.  

With ovens heated and stoves at the ready, we follow the intricate recipes developed by Mitch ensuring no grain is left unturned and no potato unpeeled.

Romanesco cauliflower and chick peas

It takes the most delicate of details to create a Mitch’s Kitchen meal and our finishing process is where we add the personal touch, as we hand plate your dish in our fully recyclable trays. A sprinkle of spice, a squeeze of lemon or a drizzle of sauce can make all the difference to the final product - dressed to perfection, these meals deserve a royal invitation.

Vegetables, herbs and spices

We use a special freezing practice that ensures we capture all the taste, texture and wholesome goodness of our food within minutes of it being hand cooked, eliminating the need for any nasties.

Coconut sugar and scoop

Once frozen, each and every meal is then carefully sealed using our fully recyclable film, tucked into our packaging sleeves and hand signed by the chef who lovingly prepared it, ready to be delivered to your home.