Community Driven

From the very beginning, Mitch’s Kitchen has been focussed on our mission of improving not only the quality of our customers lives with our mouth-watering meals but actively bettering the community around us.

Work for Good

Through our cooperation with Work For Good, for every meal you purchase from Mitch’s Kitchen, we will donate a meal to Mary's Meals to feed a child in hunger in their place of education. 

That means, when you purchase a Single Portion Meal from us, we will donate 1 meal to feed a child. And when you purchase a Double Portion Meal we will donate 2 meals - Together we can do awesome things!

Earth Focused

From day 1, we’ve created our handmade meals with the planet in mind. There is no doubt that more plant based eating habits has a significant impact on the environment, so it made sense to us to only create recipes that promote sustainable farming practices, keeping our bees buzzing. 

Every part of our packaging has been designed and chosen to be sustainably sourced, non-toxic and fully recyclable - awesome!

Our kitchen facility is powered by solar panels and beyond just our packaging, we only use eco-friendly and cruelty-free cleaning products throughout our kitchen and premises, even our bin liners are biodegradable.
All paper based products are from sustainable sources. All ink used on our packaging is eco-friendly.

Health Focused

What’s more, from the start of our our journey we’ve cultivated relationships with independent farmers, worker cooperatives, growers and suppliers so we can pass on the goodness without the price tag.

Our meals are frozen within minutes of being prepared to avoid the use of additives, preservatives or fillers. We only use unrefined sugars and cold pressed oils that are full of good fats - no palm oil here folks!

We believe in eating a plate full of colour and rich in nutrients to helps maintain mental wellbeing.

Inspire & Excite

Food has often been used as a way of bringing people together, but differences in dietary preferences and requirements can create unnecessary divides that don’t belong at the dinner table.

It sounds simple, but we believe that by creating a menu that excites all your taste buds, we can get more people to spend their meal times in inspiring conversations, creating memories, strengthening friendships, generating ideas and positively impact people’s lives.