You start living when you start giving!

In June this year, we donated over 3,000 meals to Mary's Meals through our collaboration with Work For Good and it's all thanks to you!


Work For Good


When we first discovered Mary’s Meals, we were inspired by the incredible work they do in some of the world’s poorest communities.

By providing meals every school day in their place of education, Mary’s Meals is ensuring children are able to focus on their studies energised by a nutritious meal and can work towards a brighter future.

Mary’s Meals works with their school feeding programmes, which are owned and run by community volunteers in the 18 countries they provide food. This is across Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the Caribbean.

3000 meals

As a start-up, finding a charity to work with comes with it's unique challenges and we wanted to support a cause that meant our customers would be able to see the direct link between purchasing a meal from us and giving a life-changing meal that helps attract hungry children to the classroom and fuel them in their learning.

Through our commitment to giving, for every Single portion meal you purchase from Mitch's Kitchen, we donate to Mary's Meals to provide a meal to a hungry school child - And for every Double portion meal you purchase, we'll donate to give 2 meals! 

This is only the beginning and we want to thank you, our wonderful customers, for supporting Mitch's Kitchen and in turn supporting such an amazing charity!