Mary's Meals - Love Reaches Everywhere

We all know how important eating the right food can be for performance or health - but what about survival? What if you didn't know when your next meal was coming, or if you would be able to feed your family today, tomorrow, this week?

This is the reality for people in some of the poorest areas of the world.

On top of that, around 64 million of the world’s hungriest children do not attend school. In order to survive, they have to work or beg. Even if they do make it into the classroom, hunger affects their ability to learn.

Mary's Meals is a charity on a mission to change this by helping provide life-changing meals to some of the world’s poorest children every day they attend school.

"These life-changing meals attract hungry children into the classroom. The food fills their empty bellies so they have the energy and opportunity to learn, giving them the chance of a brighter future. The meals also support families struggling to feed their children while boosting the country’s wider economy."

Today, Mary's Meals feed a phenomenal 1,667,067 children - every single school day!

A few days ago they released a video with Gerard Butler and founder of Mary's Meals, Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow shows the incredible impact that the projects have on the communities they work in, and how much of a difference your donations make.

Watching this gave us goosebumps, feel very emotional - but also overjoyed! Because of you - our amazing customers - we have helped make a very small part of this all possible.

If you didn't know, for every meal sold, we donate a meal (and two meals for a double portion).

From selling our meals, we have been able to donate thousands of meals across 19 Countries and we couldn't do it without you - or without Work For Good, who made it possible for us as a small business to work with the amazing Mary's Meals.

If you have the time, please watch this amazing video. It's so uplifting and joyful - exactly what we all need right now!


If you want to find out more about Mary's Meals then visit: https://www.marysmeals.org.uk/

*Images and words in this article were taken and adapted from pages on Mary's Meals below: