Get In The Mood Coffee Ambassador

We're super excited to announce that Mitch is once again an ambassador for Get In The Mood Coffee (GITM).

Long before Mitch's Kitchen, back in the days when Mitch was freerunning professionally and ran the food blog 'MacroMitch', he worked with GITM making recipes and being a model for some of their adverts.

Get In The Mood Coffee Advert

Mitch recently caught up with one of the founders Paula who filled him in on all the amazing work they've been doing behind the scenes including a big rebrand, subscription service and new, fully recyclable coffee packaging, postal boxes and biodegradable postal bags!

Coffee With Character

Paula asked if Mitch would like to be an ambassador again - and of course he jumped at the chance! If you know Mitch (and Shirin) you'll know how much we enjoy coffee. Check out his Ambassador Page Here.

The products are all incredibly delicious, the branding is super fun and bright, and they pride themselves on making 'Coffee with character.'

From Brilliant Raccoon to Fancy Cat - even our cat Miso approves!

Fancy Cat Coffee

Keep your eyes peeled for some recipes coming your way, along with a possible coffee giveaway very soon!

If you want to find out more, including an exclusive interview with Mitch then check them out HERE.

Also if you are part of an organisation, gym or club and you want to become a stockist then please get in touch HERE.