Brain Foods Series: Meet your Match-a

For the month of August, we’re focussing on foods that fuel your body’s powerhouse: Foods for the Brain.  

Research has shown that the right food, or the properties found in certain ingredients, can enhance mental capabilities. 

Eating the right foods can help you concentrate, keep you motivated, improve memory, speed reaction times, diffuse stress and perhaps even prevent brain ageing.

Give me a boost

When looking for a quick hit of energy or an afternoon pick me up, what do you usually reach for? If it’s that shiny can filled with a fluorescent drink that promises to boost you up, then hold it right there! 

Whilst energy drinks can improve performance because of the caffeine and taurine they contain, they often have a lot of sugar (and other ingredients) that can lead to what’s known as a sugar-crash or a slump in energy making you less productive. Just one can of the stuff contains up to 55g of sugar… that’s the equivalent of 14 teaspoons (don’t tell your dentist). 

Here at Mitch’s Kitchen, our usual choice is coffee. We’ve been known to wander for miles to find the perfect cup of single origin, hand roasted artisan coffee to lift up our souls - that is until we met our Matcha. 

Matcha for Monks

“What is Matcha” we hear you say? 

We’re sure you’ve heard of green tea before; Matcha is the green tea leaves which have been carefully ground down to form a fine powder from the juiciest part of the tea leaf. 

It has long been used by Buddhist monks to stay alert during extended periods of meditation and has been a staple of Japanese Heritage for centuries, until more recently with its popularity growing in Western cultures. 

Matcha can be used to boost brain function due to the caffeine and potent antioxidant properties. Whilst it contains roughly a third of the caffeine content compared to coffee, the presence of L-theanine phytonutrient means caffeine is stored in the body and released at a much slower pace (roughly 3 hours to fully absorb) so you have a more sustained energy supply, increased cognition and attention.  

Making the switch

For the past month we decided to swap our staple cup of morning coffee for a super green Matcha Tea to power us through ‘til lunch and there was a noticeable difference. 

We didn’t need multiple cups to keep our brains ticking along, decision making was easier and we had overall clarity of mind for longer periods.

Coffee can provide an instant hit of energy because of the caffeine content, but consuming too much can cause jitters (as we’ve found out the hard way). 

Brands we love 

One of our favourite Matcha brands is Kineta. They have a great selection of high quality Matcha Tea.

Kineta Matcha

If whisking your Matcha powder to make the best tasting tea doesn't appeal to you, why not try their energy bars. With 500mg of Matcha Tea per bar, it's the perfect snack to fuel you on the go.

So why not give Matcha a try.