This is Mitch's Kitchen!

We are here to provide Fast-Paced Plant-Based™ meals for those of you leading busy lifestyles.

Our meals are created with your kitchen table in mind - delicious and freshly prepared food, cooked and enjoyed in minutes.

We have developed a sustainable packaging process and carbon neutral delivery as food shouldn't cost the earth.

All of our food is free-from gluten, nuts, palm oil and pesticides, allowing a lot more room for flavour!

There's something on our menu for everyone, so whether you follow a plant based diet or are just looking for a change, we are here to help.

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Meet Mitch

As a gluten-free vegan himself, Mitch understands how limiting food choices can often be. That's why he's handcrafted an exciting, flavour-packed range of fast-paced plant-based meals. 

In 2015, Mitch began his cheffing career with completely Vegan restaurant brand Offbeet, learning the principles of plant-based cooking that inspired him to try Veganuary a couple of months later and ultimately adopt a Vegan lifestyle alongside his wife, Shirin.

Fuelled by their passion for spreading the joy of nutritiously good food, Mitch and Shirin thought, “If only we had a kitchen table big enough. How can we share this with more people?” - and so ‘Mitch’s Kitchen’ was born.

Serving the farthest corners of the UK, we can bring you the flavours, smells and tastes that fill our home every night, bringing plant-based delight to your tummy.

To find out more about our values and journey, read the about us pages.